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Israeli Tank M1 Super Sherman – Tamiya 35322- plastic model kit – 1/35 scale

UGS : 35322 Catégorie :


The kit represents the IDF M1 Sherman as initially used in IDF service with the only additions from the standard M4A1 76(W) VVSS being a guard added over the original siren guard and canvas dust cover added to the mantlet as well as some minor fittings for Israeli equipment but essentially they remained true to the original M4A1 76(W) VVSS configuration.
As it comes in the box the kit can be built in the IDF markings provided or as a WWII US Army M4A1 76(W) VVSS as it doesn’t include the fittings for the mantlet dust cover presumably to allow easier finishing as a US vehicle?

And so to the kit, this is part new and part old as it includes the lower hull tub, running gear, pioneer tools and numerous smaller detail from the original Tamiya Shermans with sprue A dated 1987 and sprue B dated 1981 plus new parts for the upper hull and turret and the associated smaller parts and has 211 parts in olive drab plastic plus a few vinyl poly caps and a length of twine along with the decal and instruction sheets.



This latest release from Tamiya is labelled Israeli Tank M1 Super Sherman as it is based on the preserved example at the Armored Corps Memorial and Museum at Latrun in Israel and I presume the naming is acknowledgement of the assistance provided by the Museum in the kit research. The IDF acquired a variety of Sherman tanks in its early days among them a few stock standard US M4A1 76(W) VVSS Shermans which initially had only minor modifications before the IDF Sherman upgrade program got underway which culminated in the M51 Super Sherman.

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Dimensions 13.75 × 8 × 2.5 cm